Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chained Liberty

Image courtesy : Morning Magician on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

It simply seems horrendous, with so many resources and liberty at my disposal I can act a fool and not succeed! I simply continue to consume and abuse the powers that lie with me. I continue to be shameless and not leave the greed. The mask continues to separate me from the truth, it stops me from attaining what should be procured. I continue to chain myself, poison my own purity and further dilute it, to fall and be one amongst the common! I punish myself for the unknown, meanwhile corrupting what was destined to be nonpareil.

Simply the basic idea of many and most superheroes before they realise what they are made of and what defines them! The thoughts occur to me after watching Batman Begins and Batman : The Dark Knight, salute Joker!

The guy who loves to put smiles across the faces and wears a purple coat while making us believe that he is a psycho, truly captivates the imagination and deserves lauds a thousand times.


  1. You made me to think about the time 3-4 month back when some of these thoughts were coming in my mind.


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