Friday, October 27, 2017


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Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too. - Beau Taplin

There are patches when you are not vocal, you wilfully refuse to speak out. Often it is the period you are not sure/aware of your own feelings. The pangs are recurring and you are bewildered. If you don't understand yourself, what to expect from several others. Silence appears really golden in these times, at least ab initio. The longer the lull, distant you tend to travel from humanity. As someone would pronounce "solitude would engulf you" and the path back is not some meditated one, it just happens as in a spurt. Some sort of a reflex.

During such doldrums, while you traverse equators of mind amidst lack of guiding winds and gusts, you have that silent time to revisit the basics. The need to talk, to yourself, openly and free of several biases that social living shall bring about. You have this opportunity to recollect and re-examine your own moorings, the anchors that you devised to stick to in this otherwise sandbox world. The infinite directions often blind you to some constructs that you planned for yourself in the start. You realize you are missing the goals.

Besides, these depressions in psychic oceans are welcome rewinds to numerous mates and situations which have shaped you over the time. Some you might never meet again, some you are desperate to revisit, but at the same time you are 'losing' several for reasons perfectly naive but trade-markedly 'you'. But as it has been observed on a regular basis, this calm and silence is very vulnerable and therefore requires tremendous safeguard from noises and aberrations omnipresent. Potential of this calm can be achieved if it is ensured a plateau and finally resolution.

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