Monday, May 10, 2010


Bird on the branch.
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There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy. - Mark Twain

A fantastic chat with a stranger! (I have many.) Like to talk, learn, discuss...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: Have you been in love?
You: y?
Stranger: just like that
You: don't know actually
Stranger: dont know?
Stranger: how old are you
You: 21
You: u?
Stranger: 26
Stranger: where are you from?
You: cool
You: india
Stranger: me too
You: m/f?
Stranger: whats ur name?
Stranger: m
You: manik
Stranger: you?
You: m
Stranger: okay
You: actually i don't like taking abt love
Stranger: why?
You: it's like every 6 months one can fall for different girl
You: just his wish
Stranger: well
You: biologically designed like that
Stranger: i guess thats not true of everyone
You: thats what m saying
You: one can choose to stay loyal
You: or one can simply choose to slip away
You: be loyal = love
You: strange
Stranger: if what you are saying is really true or many people, then there wouldnt be so many people who are depressed because they lost their love. they could easily find someone else.
You: they are actually trying to defend themselves
You: by being depressed
You: it's like they liked someone who didn't care for them
You: and they are depressed coz they are like lost
Stranger: im not only talking abt someone who dint care, maybe someone cared, but they died
Stranger: ofcourse you could be 'attracted' many people because its biologically designed that way, but loves way more thatn that
You: hmmm
You: died is a diff case
You: thats sad
You: m not denying existence of love
You: but it is rare
You: very rare
Stranger: well maybe
You: in general i feel people exaggrate
You: may be i do
You: :O
Stranger: haha
Stranger: yeah maybe
You: so for a guy like me
You: it is more of learnng
Stranger: but i guess love needs exaggeration, whats love without exaggeration!
You: learning
You: it's kind of telling urself that you like some1
You: again and again
You: and then u hate yourself when you find yourself lone
You: :O
You: crazy thing
Stranger: hmm yeah i guess
You: but then u r determined to do better things with new zeal
Stranger: yeah
You: as if u r doing it as a revenge
You: lolz
Stranger: haha
You: to show them that u can do without them
You: and they lost a great thing
You: haha
Stranger: but its perhaps better to have ups and downs and extremes, rather than have nothing
You: yeah
You: when u get some thing easily
You: u miss a lot more
You: and u do not get to try
You: compare
You: check out
You: evaluate
You: haha
You: m going to save this chat
Stranger: haha
Stranger: why?
You: will put it on my blog
You: show off
Stranger: nice!
Stranger: it was interesting for sure
You: will put it here
You: check if it interests you
You: :D
You: in which city are you?.
Stranger: sure
Stranger: Bangalore
You: oh kool
Stranger: you can check my blog too blog.**************.com
You: my friend is visiting bangalore for training
You: nice
You: will check it
Stranger: ok
You: u do web designing?
Stranger: not designing
Stranger: why?
You: i do
You: :)
Stranger: thats nice
You: and ur blog layout looks professional
You: and domain name told that you have a site
Stranger: thats the standard layout of nucleus
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i do
You: and i got it
You: :)
Stranger: got what?
You: that site
You: what is nucleus?
Stranger: the blogging engine
Stranger: which ive installed on my site
You: ohk
You: tell me about some places to have fun at
You: in bangalore
Stranger: depends on what Fun means to you
You: we are young
You: so fun means anything and everything
Stranger: haha
You: culture art
You: rides
You: everything
You: bars pubs
Stranger: where do you live?
You: delhi
Stranger: okay
Stranger: you can find pubs and bars in Delhi as well so i guess thats not much use
You: well actually i don't visit them
Stranger: haha
Stranger: ok
Stranger: neither do I
You: k
You: but it's like
You: my friend and i were sitting in a restaurant
You: and he told me
You: that first time is best time to do anything
You: and i agree
You: so when in bangalore he would like to do everything
You: that's why
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: right
Stranger: thats true
You: Life is like software, one bit turned, one small thing missing or one broken link, and it can go horribly wrong. But even when nothing seems to work, you can, with perseverance, make it work and make it beautiful.
You: very true
You: just what i said
Stranger: haha
Stranger: yeah
You: but in a different way
Stranger: yeah
You: Trying to make my life interesting....Or is it already?
You: and this is 100% genuine question
Stranger: are you asking me that question?
You: nopes
You: it is very personal
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: maybe
You: today i started gardening again
Stranger: again
Stranger: ?
You: yup
You: in hostel i can't maintain plants
You: but in my home I can
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: thats good
Stranger: gardening is nice
You: yup
You: just mom has trouble
You: cleaning
Stranger: haha
Stranger: yeah
You: but when i will be in hostel
You: she will have to takwe care of the plants
You: she doesn't get a choice
You: even on mother's day
You: lol
Stranger: haha
Stranger: yes
You: u work in what kind of company?
Stranger: i work at amazon
You: awesome
You: today i met a honda emplyee
You: and amazon guy
You: and an australian navy officer
You: great day
Stranger: haha
Stranger: thats good!
You: they all are lucky
You: that am so free
Stranger: haha
You: anyways one thing
You: do help me if amazon doesn't pay me
You: :)
Stranger: haha
Stranger: sure
You: m just too scared after seeing your profile
Stranger: why?
You: have to work a lot
Stranger: haha
Stranger: whats scary?
You: so many big names
You: and qualifications
Stranger: haha
You: how much time it took to get them all?
Stranger: what do you mean by how much time?
Stranger: do you mean how much work?
You: mean so many associations and work
Stranger: I think i havent worked too hard
Stranger: but i have always done what is necessary, no shortcuts, thats all
You: u mean smart work
You: good
Stranger: smart work yes
Stranger: but more than doing what is necessary
Stranger: even the small tihngs
You: but tell me one thing
You: do you believe in enterpreneurship?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: ofcourse
Stranger: im trying to start something of my own
Stranger: lets see how it goes
You: yeah
You: thats great
You: full freedom
You: :)
Stranger: yeah
You: wish you the best
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: Wish you the best too!
Stranger: in whatever you do
You: thanks
You: yup
You: i will revolt
Stranger: against?
You: against many simple people
You: like my teachers
You: :D
Stranger: India needs people who revolt
Stranger: in the right way
You: they are good and knowledgeable
You: but they don't know how to teach
Stranger: yeah
You: doesn't affect me
You: but revolt is kind of fun
Stranger: yeah
You: and must do some good
Stranger: yes
Stranger: India needs change
You: happy doing my bit
Stranger: yeah
You: k time to leave
Stranger: ok enjoy!
You: have fun and enjoy
You: :)
You: bye
Stranger: Have a goo dlife
You have disconnected.