Sunday, September 30, 2007

Date Yourself

Many a time we feel very depressed, lost and worthless. We feel lack of that feel good situation or sometime we wish to do a lot and find lack of control on our own lives, and in many grim situations we want to be that happy go lucky guy we saw in a 80s movie last night. Many a time I think that it starts with a momentary diversion and may sometime take weeks before we come back to normalcy. I have learnt that in most cases it can be easy to come out of it, what we need is a little bit of self help. A date with your own self can be pleasure. It is worth walking down the lane all alone to your nearby park and have a chat with yourself. It may seem pretty funny but walking on park's pavement while speaking to your own self, assuring yourself of self worth and beauty of life is great fun as you are confronted with many arguements, different views develop within your being and you begin to appreciate natural beauty around you. Thinking about your last visit to North Campus , Lodhi Gardens, India Gate, South Extension or that McDonald's' or Eatopia visit while you had enjoyed the climate as well as glimpses of beautiful girls passing by can be a rejuvenating experience. The sweet memories of your first entrance exam or watching that beautifully crafted flick, even though you have watched it 20 times before, is something you can trade anything in your life for. Once you learn to talk to yourself you will be the happiest person on planet Earth. Even a Soduku in yesterday's newspaper or an article about sensuality, fashion, global warming or anything can change your mind set if you let it do wonders to yourself.
So go on and pamper yourself. Love thyself, love life and you will be on the top of the world. And don't forget to plan a bit about the future. Be positive and laugh away at the situations thrown to you and celebrate your uniqueness.....
Enjoy your date!