Saturday, February 13, 2010

For Sake Of Corridors

A school corridor at night.
Courtesy: Kevin Dooley on Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0
The future bleongs to those who believe in power of their dreams. - Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
I admit that I have a lot to write but that's not the reason I am writing. This time the reason is that I have got thousands of things to do, but am not able to determine what to do, besides logging in and out of many of my profiles and I write to give myself 20-30 minutes of nostalgia, free from thoughts of pending submission and due exam results. Anyways here is another story...

An annual function and he is there with his friend. He has not planned anything but she happens to catch his attention. She is tall and slim and wears a Saree. And she is full of energy, as she moves through whole of arena with her friends and other important people in her life, stopping just once to greet him.

He passes time looking at the performances and meeting many other friends, customary to be courteous. But it is evident to his concise that his mind is adamant at catching another glimpse of her. But he definitely is not crazy, probably he should have been, and therefore does not bar himself from the pleasure of an ice-cream on that wintery evening and the fun of tresspassing the stage area while performances are going on.

Later he happens to walk through corridors of the stadium. Camouflaging his intents of creating multiple chances of meeting her. Later the quest proves immaterial as he happens to enjoy a lot with guys, causing small troubles and tit-bits of humour outside the changing rooms as the whole performing teams took their times managing themselves. But usual prime target, that is she, was missed very well, probably by choice. Was he mad to follow her whole way, simply not to speak any special word out?