Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bank Job

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Happened to visit the bank for something I lost out of 'memory troubles', sometime back. I forgot my e-banking password, and got to apply for a new one as I find it of excellent utility.

The job is a regular procedure, but I many a time consider forgetting password often as I like Nangal Raya branch of State Bank very much. People here are accomplished, talented, patient, talkative, regular, cheerful and many more things! More precisely they are outrageously opposite to my personality and therefore magnetic to me.

There is another uncanny observation that I made, environment is always bright and luke warm when I visit this place. Sky is azure, exactly the way it should be, mild wind makes leaves rattle against each other, honk of an approaching car shakes you out of your day-dream, rag-picking girls at that construction site remind you that something still needs to be taken care of, but the regular activities in market just across that traffic signal assure you that order still prevails.

On the whole you have no reason to repent deliberately missing that bus to your destination and opting for a 2 km walk instead (one side only, downside story has been omitted to maintain readability).

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  1. @ Foo thanks for being true!

    @ Debz the kid you are referring to is in another post, and yup the kid is known to me! She is my cousin's daughter.


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