Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wider Angle

Just 48 min past the begining of the 4th day of the week and am 'busy' laughing and sharing with Debz the last day's acts. The week has proved to be awesome so far. It is nice to be in a dream world with just very balanced doses of reality and practicality.

People around me stand perplexed, thinking this guy is in some sort of tension though am not. I have been successful in whatever I wanted and am enjoying all the things coming my way. As soon as I stopped living in a self-crafted web of emotions and temporary self pacifying thoughts and those fucking illusions am again able to look how people are managing things, and so should I.

One aspect of happiness in my case is not being in confusion and knowing exactly what I wish and not at all judging my thoughts and actions, conscious or unconcious! Day dreaming helps a lot, probably that is the purest form of my imagination, one such thought is delivering an intense hard rock performance, ending with an m9 logo flickering on the projection screen with resonating beats. Am letting myself loose in a no holds barred world these days. Am very used to seeing everyone from the same lens and for some time in past was not doing that thing. And ya as I realised am no longer willing to stick to any of my words anymore, wish to act at will and in the flow of the moment.

"Why so serious?" sounds to be theme of the time and so is my philosophy. Let loose, laugh with a wide grin and stay aloof and very importantly don't care for anyone, however dear the person is to you. Me first should be the policy else you can not think of being happy and thereby can't make people happy.

Moreover the lovely summers are at their best charms with sun playing hide and seek with clouds with the azure sky in the backdrop and winds blowing to give an effect of coolness to people soaked in sweat. I enjoy the strolls around, solitude (freedom) is preferred as my mobile accompanies me everywhere, with all kinds of music stored in its small brain. Once again my blog comes to rescue and the monotony of daily routines is broken by the blogging communities am thronging very frequently these days. All the things around seem to be just limitless and am very clear at the back of my head, only passionate obsessions to bring out the perfect work are influencing me in these times. Black has turned into my favourite colour, since it contrasts and thereby highlights the brightness everywhere.

Once again am the controller of the things that happen to me. I am the one who can change anything for good and am not the one who needs anyone around, though there presence is never regretted. One would always be welcome to this charming and magnetic persona but in these times expecting him to act against his fancies would be real mistake.

Vacations approaching quite hurriedly and am keenly waiting them though I know will miss this 'once again new found love' for this place and people as soon as I reach Delhi. Three weeks before that would be roller coaster ride as we all stand short of time with submissions, study, preparations for inspection due soon, managing the messes we have built up all around and staying in hold of things.

Though I am not short of words and thoughts but would still like to close this post as I got suggestions that long posts might bore my lovely readers, but will post back very soon, difficult to contain my excitement!


  1. this tells that you are in great mood again (thank god, at last)...
    gud for you, n even everyone around, wish it stays the same... :D

  2. this tells that you are in great mood again (thank god, at last)...
    gud for you, n even everyone around, wish it stays the same... :D

  3. gud see the happy manik back...btw i was luking frwd for some action in this post coz i saw the reaction on ur ear!!

  4. Thats a fucking hot stuff mann..
    really..Its just beyond words now..

    amazing..keep it up..

    will look backward :O :O :D :D
    lol..sorry forward for some more stuff like this..

    till then just fuck off and fuck yourself :P :D

    Kidding :-J ;-)

    Take care...

  5. !!!! Niceone...mast.. yaar meri lang.. me phodu tha yaar :) !!!!

    AS USUAL it s lzo amazing !!!! again nicely written..No doubts about that..

    :P keep it up buddy..:-))


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