Friday, January 08, 2010

Zip Zap Zoom - VI : Pink Ecstacy

A 500 CC Royal Enfield Bullet
Courtesy: nwflightdesign on Flickr | License: CC BY-NC 2.0

There is no spring without winter, there is no life without death!

Have numerous rides in mind and want to write about all of them. But this time I am writing about today's ride! It started with a call last night, it's true am made enough to waste 30 minutes talking to a guy, planning a bike ride next day! No offense, becuase I believe only good starts happen automatically, but sustaining good things need effort on our part. So that 30 minute long call ended in me influencing Pawan to join me with scooty today. He must be at my room at 12 but as usual no one cares for time, me included!

He calls me to join him at main-gate at 2 in noon. I go to the place, and I learn that he got a Hero Honda Splendour and I am not pleased (...because this means I will not be riding, pillion again)! Anyways, we see off Priyanka and zip on J.L.N. Marg. We decide to visit the only Royal Enfield showroom in Jaipur City! It's on Ajmer road and instead of going straight to the location we move towards Crystal Palm and delibrately ask a couple for the location, and the guy is smart - he doesn't embarasses himself and directs us in wrong direction. Well we are quite understanding guys, we know one must not give any hint to her girlfriend of his own ignorance!

We ask a few more guys and they are grown up folks! Been through life they prefer not to dupe us and give right directions. Once to the showroom Mr. Pawan has to set his hair up (we are going to have a photo session on this royal ride!). I too am wearing a new shirt, well this means I don't have to worry about my hair style. People will be more interested in bike and shirt! We shake hand with the showroom guys and give all hints that a potential customer throws!

Showroom is glass panels, posters of bikes, some models on display, an office table (a big one) and a whole wall with a poster giving timeline of Royal Enfield history. Being a cult, we know quality is prime concern for these guys and the way they exhibit professional eloquence a person understands what their work means to them. We get all the details we need, we had the info but we wanted to know how much the people their knew. And they knew a good deal. Two similar bikes give different experience because one has rear view mirrors and the other doesn't, and to add to it the one with mirrors had 18" tires and other one had 19" ones. We click pictures sitting on bikes and Pawan gets a test ride. At a minimum price of 86 grands, the bike is an experience worth living for.

Back on road we move towards M.I.Road and visit a Bajaj showroom. The experience is not worth telling. It was just visiting a general store and grabbing some grocery items (...brats rarely go shopping grocery!) Pawan drives to SBI branch in the area and wishes me to see girl of his choice! He doesn't accompany me but she being the only girl in bank I am able to recognize her, she is nice (...I must not label her an eye-candy!), but she doesn't gives me any heed!

In Bapu Market we have some street food, all three flavours available on the stall. I have to pay for it, oh bad idiot doesn't even gets his petrol tank re-filled. You will not be able to fool me next time! We ride fast on J.L.N. and talk about things very vague and random. An uncle in Santro is big time nymphomaniac and drives rash to chase a girl sitting pillion to his boyfiend (...he could be his brother or friend also!). Anyways important is too take care of the poor guys who break their leg in mishap just in front of our institute. We call 108 and feel free to leave, people are good and are acting paramedics to the injured.


  1. Great,
    But Explain the Last Line, What happened there?

  2. write a book on zip-zam-zooooommmmmmm![;-)]
    interesting post!

  3. @ Shri Nothing much. Just a minor accident. A guy got fractures probably, wasn't wearing helmet. Could have died! :)

    @ Foo Just promised Pawan to edit his novel (...given he writes one!) Can also write one by myself, but am busy thinking of leaving architecture and starting a part-time news agency!

    @ Piyush Thanks buddy! Just extending vacations. So putting time in roaming around and gathering informations! Enjoying!

  4. There is no spring without winter, there is no life without death!

    I liked this line!
    baki i will comment after reading whole of it :D


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