Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tune In

Image courtesy : purple monkey dish washer on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

I was wondering if thoughts and ideas flew on radio waves. We can hardly control what might cook next in our minds. As we walk down, chat with a friend, have dinner, bathe or do any other normal activity some thing or other will occur to our minds and we generally will have to make objective choices a game of 'Yeses' and 'Nos', only often and not always. And these remaining times will be called 'Dilemmas'.

Anyhow, back to topic. So probably the ideas fly on Radio waves and there are special recievers in human mind that just catch them. Once we get a nice idea, it is our job to nourish it. And I most of the times fail miserably! Well we can always dump an idea or pretend if it never occured to us. And if we choose to nourish them and go a long way in doing so we get somethings called 'results' or 'outcomes' and these are expected to be good only.

I just can hope that I simply get to tune into those divine and nice frequencies and be able to do good work. While imaging Shivani Kashyap whistle out the lovely and very famous All India Radio (AIR) jingle.

Though AIR is obsolute in practical senses in this age of MP3s and private radio stations, this is something that got me into the habit of listening to the radio other than those lovely fancy stories put up by my father about his college day radio romance!

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  1. Why ? Why ? Why ? such thoughts never came in my mind first,
    well u exposed one secret or i catched that about your writings & the thoughts that come before you write any post.
    U really succeeded in maintaining your blog quality,
    But the Fight is not over now, 29 more days to go & I know that either your blog quality will definitely decrease in these days or u will take a foot back from this.
    But I know you have stamina to fight & I hope your quality should also not get down.
    Go on Target 31...


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