Thursday, December 10, 2009

There Used To Be...

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There used to be days,
When I would lie down on the green grass,
And stare straight into the sun against the azure backdrop,
Continuing to paint imaginations in cerebrum.

There used to be days,
When I would sit amock,
Stealing glance or two of every new found interest,
Running hands through my hair as the exam continues for everyone!

There used to be days,
When I would arrive late,
Ignoring every special remark that teacher made,
Circling the grounds with bag over the head, hiding the expression of disgust on my face.

There used to be days,
When I would not blink an eye,
Sitting straight for hours glued to a book or tube in the sight,
Pretending as if nothing was there to take care of.

There used to be days...


  1. Nice poem,
    One line from me,
    "There used to be days,
    When I was thinking nothing just watching & smiling,
    & teachrs say me why you were smiling,
    I passed it away to my bench partners,
    and teacher punish them without any futhur inquiries. "

  2. beautiful piece of ur mind in poetic frame!

  3. @ Foo Just like that!

    @ Nidhi and Shri Thanks! :D


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