Saturday, December 26, 2009

Objective Approach

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As a child I used to be successful. Because of reasons not sophisticated but primitive. I had things in mind and I had too accomplish. Be it the podium position on prize distribution ceremony, being the first one in the line to sports ground, grabbing that window seat on a picnic; I always knew what was my need! I knew what was I desired (it was a wrist watch from Dad on scoring exceptionally well, or sometime that jealous look on a friend's face when I admired my glory having failed him in a competitive endeavour)...

But then I grew and I grew indifferent. No objectives now seemed worthy, because I mindlessly searched for something exotic. Sleeping in jeans was now a hobby, not being punctual was only punctuality, scores appeared like symbols from a dead script; 0 being no different from 8.5 (my self-suggested best), breakfasts can be skipped, dressing is to prevent others from the shame, who cares for bathing?...

Successful always used to have a physical form unlike now that I want to turn every success of mine into a publicity gimmick. The object has been lost and its overtly boring being subjective.


  1. Short n sweet post!
    I like dis kind of post!

    waise 2 tooh likhega nahi isliye mai hi likh deti hoo 13re blog pe !

    "Mera aamir sabse mast hai" :D


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