Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Image courtesy : ZedZap(Nick... NEVER slow ) on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

Those beady eyes are no longer there,
Chirp is missing and nobody seems to care!
Hairstyle is not good I must say,
But I'm told to stay away! :|
Lost and Found I felt oft,
And wished I could flee soft,
Most of the time, most of the days!
Come December, And we will be on our way!
Because now we realize, Not everything goes by our say!
Limerence continues to stay,
Get back to work before you go too astray! :)
Rebellion continues... Fire still burns in the foray!!! :| :$
Not my fault that I do not believe in pray!

One of my attempt at poetry. Actually written on Nov 18' 2009, I tried to modify this one a bit but kept it largely in its original form.

As for post title, I interpret it as Lip + Stick. Hope I got myself clear!


  1. Wish for your Success in Target 31.
    Well Good Poem.

  2. welcome welcome :P
    Gyan dene wala khud poems likh raha hai..kuch gadbad lag raha hai..

    Nice try!! :)

  3. lol...must compliment for its actually the lipstick era of thoughts and expressions.correct words for invisible reflections!

    welcome to the world of poetry!!

    hope u see the fumes from my blog soon...


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