Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Well Today is Dec 13' 2009! Anniversary of attack on Parliament, that is all that comes to my mind right now. Am not a great patriot but like any other person I too love my country and wish it to have a peaceful course. Am not writing this post to show my anger against terrorism or my love for my country but simply to complete a challenge thrown to me, by my friend.

But still there is a point I want to show through this post and that I don't want to coat or mask under any cover. And the message simply says, "Terrorism probably roots out of identity crisis. People tend to think of political ways for carving niche for themselves and tend to take offensive paths and thus end up being terrorists and the important thing is that people like me are not affected by this thing and most of the time use it for some small tasks like completing challenges, meeting deadlines and things...."

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