Friday, December 04, 2009

Another Term ...

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So another semester closes and I must say it was one enjoyed with full zest. Had its troubles and things, but made you learn a lot. A classic one at that. With little roaming a lot of things to work on, this semester made me a student again. Never toiled this much to complete works, actually never cared! :D

Leave work aside this semester made me closer to my room-mates, but as always I can never be relied upon so they better be careful! ;) Found new places in campus to have fun, I was mistaken that I have explored every inch and new places include - Dean Gate, Football Ground and yup Thadi! :)

Did not explore much of Jaipur in this semester and could not be consistent on many of my projects. Ways of communication have changed a bit. Facebook is the social network, no more loyalty to Google and yup Twitter rocks.

Three semester down still it looks as if only yesterday I joined the college, lest I strain a bit and every second seems to stretched like years. Surely I love my life, this place and everything around! :*

Another spell of vacations begin!

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