Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 Idiots - A Pragmatic Approach

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Through this post I am not trying to be critical of anything depicted in the movie or any particular view. I just want to bring to focus an alternative view, which I consider must be highlighted and brought to the light, and surely it is not entertaining but intriguing!

The flick talks of changing education system, but does it serves the purpose to make comedy of an existing system to promote another one which actually does not exist, or better say does good at individual level only (I for one practice that free-spirited approach to life, speak what's on your mind, do what you want, live by mood, don't follow any rules), you simply cannot ask others to jump with you into the mad race, at the most you can tell them the good and bad. At institutional or organizational level the idea of grading still serves the purpose, how else you want an external observer to grade you? In the movie a person decides to 'help' others achieve their dreams "photograph and become engineer", clinching from them the experience of working for themselves.

Even I too don't like practical and feasible approaches because they are not easy-going and are intensive and painful but then they are sustainable. Why not they show in the movies the true struggle paths one should follow (ask Aamir if he didn't struggle to reach this stature where he can just make one flick a year and share his concerns about society and get people applauding to his excellent skills at delivering babies on a college TT table!) and not some elusive dreams. Why don't they people tell that in true sense hard-work got no substitute, because there are no, or very few limited edition Renchos in the real world to help you out of your own fears, inabilities to communicate your views properly and take those essential steps to visualise your dreams. You are the one with wholesome control of your life, losses and gains being part and parcel of a good life game.

The movie does not highlights the problems actually occurring to the youth and generally mocks things like economic consideration or probably the movie still takes a 15 year older approach to education system, which used to be insensitive. In my opinion need is to make schools and friends to act as true support system for each other and help youngsters brave their career choice decisions at the very time of joining colleges, sometime or probably many time convincing parents to the core. What the movie does is, giving a point-of-view of situation from a successful group of people overlooking the things that situations are not actually so rude in colleges and institutions. I don't know, but I must say pseudo-sympathetic approach sells but to me it fails Aamir's social cause philosophy of recent years.

As Guddu speaks teacher-student relationships have been given a nice treatment. Ego clashes, to the extent of forcing one to commit suicide is just disgusting to look into. We essentially need to stem these problems and it has roots somewhere deeper, probably where parents come into play. Or shall a whole genre rebel?

Any way now the good things. I like the portrayal of characters. Aamir looks a true young-adult, unbelievable to find some 40 something so fitting in a 20 year old's role. The guy called Silencer beats many hands down, probably an implacable character. Truly fond of Mr. Boman Irani, I want that bird's nest and the whole getup he wears in his first interaction with students, just perfect check shirt, spectacles and coat. Madhavan and Joshi are excellent bits, superb punches added to the comedy! Baba on scooty is something so true and sacred that hardly people speak it out on the face. Cinematography dimensions extended to levels excellent. Shooting of north-Indian terrain is appalling, Shimla, Manali and Ladakh. Just awesome to find a dirt-clad Volvo running on exclusively Indian terrain. And yup purple windows on white facades of Cannaught Place give me another colour scheme to toy with....


  1. @Wow

    Good brainstorming on 3 idiots!
    Its not a social cinema..its commercial from the beginning to end!
    Should have dropped out Kareena.. she serves no purpose and adds ZERO value to the movie!
    Thats what I think .. please dont count the item number :P
    Any other heroine could have been the same or might be even better!

    Well Manik.. I liked that you thought so much on the impact ofr the movie.. I toh always keep my brains out of the cinema hall.. Movies are'nt realistic.. they need business for which they need to be impractical!
    Even "Paa" kind of situation is IMPRACTICAL in common day to day life... same with 3 idiots...
    blend of emotions mixture masala...

    Btw.. u like Boman Irani..may be thats the reason you find it much more impractical..
    I am loving this post... I m kind of feeling to write more and more on it.. I think i need a full stop instead of the continuations...
    I liked the movie as a entertainer... practical physics applications.. i liked it for a change! I want it to happen.. I want the change in educational system.. but I agree with Manisha.. its quite a hard task for teh common man with no back up.. he/she might end up in getting expelled..
    btw there are hoards of innovative ideas in the young generation.. they in reality perform such projects .. I have seem it in front of my eyes... but the attention given is mere!
    It just lasts as long as the project needs to get completed!

    Thanks ! keep it up boy!
    I wish Amir reads it ;)

  2. Read first paragraph & concluded that I want to first watch the movie & then I will read this full.

  3. @Manik
    No ways.. I cant agree.. its called business ! They cant show truth in every film .. common man doesnt love truth you know!

  4. @ Debz So you mean it is fine too say this thing social? The movie is nice, but it is not totally correct. I am not saying that one should not make stuff like this, but one should not publicize it like this.

  5. Last paragraph ne sara confusion balance kar diya jo '3 idiots' movie aur tere review ke karan mere dimag mein hua tha....

  6. Movie is just awsm!
    According 2 me ...our education system requires some(naa lotz of) improvement!
    At d end of d year this education system declares result- declaration of "who is d best among all?"
    actual result should consist statement -"what is best in each student?"

    Can any 1 tell/guess, whether x% or x GPA student is really good in A or B subject or technoloy?
    if not den watz d purpose of this grades or %?

    solution simple hai
    % ya GPA k sath kis subject me best hai wo bhi result me likho [:D]

  7. i loved this reaction :*

    Vo line is the best -

    At the end of the year this education system declares result- declaration of "who is d best among all?"
    actual result should consist statement -"what is best in each student?"

    Here student itself has to find, what is best in him and choose streams! And then make carriers! And when things go wrong, it is like you didn't try the tested path!!!


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