Monday, September 28, 2009

Exclusive And Unique

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Just completed work on web-brochure yesterday and am waiting for II mid-semester exams to begin tomorrow. As usual the lethargy that defines a student has taken me over and I would try every excuse to get over the clumsy business of reading that PDF file about Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture.

Just to pass sometime I take out that novel about Delhi and start reading, imagining the hot, dry summers of the city when mild loo would sweep all over you and throw dust over your face. Shadow of trees would comfort you and the glory of the New Delhi, one designed by Lutyens would mesmerize you. Though the city is changing rapidly with all new skyscrapers, extravagant multi-lane super highways; the imperialist charms are kept alive in this part of city.

The subdued feeling of a lost romance that lingers constantly at back of your mind accentuates that desire for refuse from the solitary pangs in this dingy hostel room but in no case you want to surrender and wouldn’t mind killing time doing random things. You suggest your room-mate some really silly and raunchy but classical novels, not intentionally but as an involuntary action to hide what’s going on inside you and laugh over him receiving the notification - “System hardware not found”, mixing two essentially different themes; mocking a sly smile at him as he would try to let it pass without loosing his temper.

The excellent comparisons and in-depth research about the city by a foreigner make you more proud of your city and infuse a temporary enthusiasm towards life that has been numb and dull lately and you had to put a lot of effort to make it run on tracks as you continue to enjoy with different people at different places, essentially being loyal to none, though you want to be to one rather say some!

With “Zombie” playing in background, you probably don’t even want to come out of the confusions that keep on driving you; but once you give a little breathing space to your “romantic” personality, you will be essentially human to fall and see-off a premature demise to your “practical” hard-rock philosophies!

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  1. i m in love with this post.
    superb vocab n expressions.
    khush kar dita tusii!!


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