Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Enlightenment!

Everything is moving cool and hip these days. We all have enjoyed working on those small things in studio, it looks nice now. We people are talking a lot to each other and it includes meaningful and fun talks also. Looking back to these days we will never regret anything. We are learning a lot about things and people and now we are liking them for there goods and faults and they too are understanding us much better. Somehow we are now in much improved bonds and we have put in efforts to create these bonds, so these are very less likely to be temporary and we hope these to be everlasting. We are also learning to act more maturely and inter-mingle with a large number of people and enjoy all the times and all the people. One thing that I notice is with friends life is supreme when things are mutual. I have started believing in this mutual life thing and feel being a part of the enthusiasm, zeal it is. Sharing fun and problems alike is cool. Everything we do is a shared initiative and for a person like me who has had very less tendency of working in tandem with others, it is not like that I am not comfortable working with people but I think works done solo are better, it is an overhelming experience to work like a part of the system and be in the flow. Things have changed for sure but I have figured out it is more important to live the moment then to think about living it, mistake that me and most people in world do. Anyhow times are nice, people are enjoying so its all nice around here.

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