Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21 : Nice Tuesday

The day was an awesome one. Well reached studio early, 8 am. Waited for folks and later enjoyed the company of people in studio. Lil panneling and lot of talks followed. We pretended to work on sheets as the inspecting team of council of architecture did its work. Passed comments on nagging teachers. Time after lunch break was fun in studio. We enjoyed sitting idle and gossiping. It was fun to make humour of something notorious! Well probably we should not have. Interaction with council guys in lecture theatre was quite boring and we passed time doing random rubbishes including SMSing, small chatters, some random mockeries on paper and likes. Evening was spent sleeping in hostel and time after dinner was killed on phone, laptop and a stroll till Saras. Looking people giving birthday bumps to Sudhanshu was rather another sight. Having shared my 'NIT' life till now with Debz I now feel at ease. Having browsed a lot am still not able to sleep and enjoy imaging and day-dreaming a lot.

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