Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me Against Myself.

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Don't know why but off-late this self-proclaimed insensitive soul is becoming extremely sensitive towards people. As always I still acknowledge that I must not exercise control over anyone else's life and therefore on ocassions try to refrain from showing my concerns. This sometime exaggrates my problems but atleast makes me feel that I saved others from the trouble that I could have caused to them. The oxymoron in me continues to contradict itself. Last week was a chick one, college fest days provided cool entertainment and the following times proved to be calm and composed ones with the whole class on bunking spree, giving reason of preparation for the mid-sem exams we are having these days. Don't know but sometime I tend to isolate myself from the whole lot and that usually happens when others enjoy the whole get-togethers. Today's evening excursion was fun but a large part of it was unusually silent and expressionless with most communication occuring just through simple gestures. Back in the hostel a few clicks make me enjoy but some time on Orkut depresses me again and I wish to change a lot about myself. Little chat with Shrey calms me down a bit and the tapping of keyboard makes me vent out a lot of tension. Feeling quite relaxed, rejuvenated and positive for the time being and concentrating just on the present dimensions, leaving aside the imaginative world I tend to drift away quite ocassionaly. Gearing up for the next tide of pangs and emotions and expecting to revert back to my original unmodified form I came to NIT in. Wish to be straight forward, unbiased, not going by words but observations and the attitude that made me go straight in face with people. Hope I loose the social attachments I have added to myself, giving myslef another chance with the unanimate things like laptops, novels, books, gadgets and such stuff. Then and only then I would be able to move forth from the fear of hurting anyone around me! Though a part of me will never let it happen, but hope and efforts are the only things with me.


  1. Quite an unusual expression from you, but still this one makes me think you are pulling down your absurdness level[:P]
    Happy to see you learning!!

  2. Satkele insan, kitna bhi try kar tu sudhar ni sakta...

  3. Its good that u have written these feelings. After writing one feels better and more like a person in the normal state. But u will have to fight these feelings and move on.

  4. Its good that u have expressed ur feelings by writing. Writing makes one feel better. Try to fight these feelings and move on.

  5. he u r so much sensitive in positive sense obv!

    In last post, i thought you were faltering but after reading this post -->"back 2 track"[:D]

    he do tattling dat will keep u busy lolz just kidding[;D]

  6. Hope you get over this feeling..just a matter of time yaar! And good that you have shared it over here...that makes you feel better...dont keep it with yourself just burst out the feelings...there are lots of people listening to you!so keep rocking and dont behave like a sick[:P]...its only a phase that will pass...
    Nicely written.


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