Thursday, January 03, 2008

My New Year Resolutions : Day 1

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Like always and almost everyone I too made some new year resolutions. Nothing special, but an old itinerary I made in late August of 2007. So here goes the list and what happened to it...

  • Wake up on or before 9 in morning : Obviously, I failed.

  • Check for some early morning television : Oops another failure*

  • Study for atleast 6 hours daily : Day 1 was partial success, but day 2 was a tragedy!

  • Leave everything and roam around after 7 in evening : It got to be a success as I got Traveller's Foot Syndrome!

  • Television after 10 : A huge success, how could I miss those shows?

  • Night Browsing : Hit for my nocturnal being, proofs are here only!

Still I keep on moving as that's the best I can do, making 1440x1024 claims to give 1024x768 results. It was an average begining this year. But who cares if results are gonna be good???

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