Saturday, May 26, 2007

Results Day

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I woke up early, not usual for me. No, I was not worrying about my high school results, but I had another goal in my mind, to catch up with my friend as he comes to collect books from me at 7:30 AM. I do another thing against my routine and brush up my teeth early and after getting fresh venture out with books in my hand, it is already 7:40 and I am late, very common with me. Thinking that my friend must not have arrived I walk towards the skating rink. And suddenly at next turn I find him coming. The sun is bright in the sky and you can feel the summers Delhi is known for. We greet each other and start moving towards my house while discussing some unnecessary stuff. Suddenly we plan to move back and go to his house to get books I need from him. After taking books from his house and meeting his family we come back. He glances the clock in his mobile and finds it is 7:58, our results will be on net in two minutes! At my home I jump towards my PC to log onto the 'results' site, while my father says he has already checked it on cell and I ask him to keep it to himself. First I check my result and find that at a measly 68.2% it is still good. The next moment we all are congratulating my friend at his excellent performance, he scored 89.6%. Now the flood of phone calls begin, with my close friend being the first and he tells me that he scored 87%. After checking results we plan to go out but find it better to stay at home and enjoy a flick. After my friend leaves I am now thinking about future and asking myself to clear the enterance exam which approaches in two days. In morning I take up the newspaper and ignore some early morning calls. At 11:00 AM I call my friends and have chat with them, there are all sort of news some good, some bad. to everyone of my friends I ask to concentrate on future and enjoy. Till evening rest of the day is creepy, except few of my friends visiting then and now. I do not feel like studying and have sleepy eyes. In evening I try to study a bit but am tempted to design few graphics on PC. Orkut is a regularity and today was no exception. By the day end I have my dinner and manage to learn attempting few questions. Before sleeping I am still thinking that we all will be together for the last time soon when we collect our mark-sheets from school and venture onto different paths in life.

Really life is very strange and beyond comprehension.

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  1. Nice presentation of your emotions .Try to write something in negative thinking.


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