Saturday, May 05, 2012


A bridge and a frozen river!
Courtesy: Irmeli Aro on Flickr | License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Dear Diary (sorry for the typos, happens frequently at this hour, humane!)

Four yellow-green lights blink in front of him, the only sounds being very infrequent taps on computer keyboard and constant humming of the ceiling fan. Yet its noisy in his head, even a hectic and corrosive day is unable to put him to sleep. He aches and several parts of his body pant for mercy, but the thoughts won't go. Bloodshot eyes pool tears, blurring vision. Still he evades sleep, for he fears the thoughts, the feelings that dwell deep within. On the surface he portrays normalcy, camouflaging the turmoils and conquests beneath the colourful mask. He sometimes hates himself for harbouring emotions, at others he fuels himself by the same. Having lost already, he wishes not to accept the fate. Adamant he fights, aimless, unguided and unresolved. He wishes not to perish, but he knows few ways to pursue. No adventure helps him much, his appetite for martyrdom betrays him thousand times a day. He wishes for a refuge, a certain cave; away from the haphazard, hidden from all the disdain...


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