Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mixed Breed

Image courtesy : mborowick on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

Whole family needs to attend a marriage party on the outskirts of Delhi, in a locality called Malviya Nagar.

Just another social gathering for the small kid for whom it means another chance to gorge upon those unlimited soft drink serves, lots of cups of ice-cream, oil-laced food with a distinct non-house flavour, an occasional steal of coffee flavour, opportunity to tweak those marigolds threads hanging behind the stage, posing sitting on the stage chairs, acting stubborn to get those balloons, toy-guns and more such stuff.

The guy would move around the whole chimera meeting and greeting those hundreds of figures whom he hardly recognizes, and doesn’t even wish to recognize occasionally, catching sight of some familiar figures before once again loosing them in the flood of people.

Fellows are fun including the turbanator who is great at dancing and gossip-crazy tall guy and some younger counterparts. The guy definitely loves the heady mix of vanilla flavour ice-cream dipped in coke as aeroplanes which have just took off from nearby IGI airport fly past over the whole scene.

Its not long before this guy will be screaming and squeaking all around, troubling his father, forcing him to leave for the home, don’t know against his wish or may be saving him the trouble of waking up till late in the night…

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