Friday, October 09, 2009

The Tailor Guy

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Am taking bath in noon as this tailor guy comes to our home to discuss about the new curtains we wish to have, as we just got our home re-painted! Mom and Guddu are busy talking with this person, who wears a red shirt, grey trousers and brown polished shoes. the fat man is well versed with his work, so it seems.

Suddenly he receives a call from Dubai and to my amazement he has a lot of information about so many diverse fields. As per him “Tatlkal” is the best way to get a rail ticket booked. Vaishali Express is far better than Bihar Sampark Kranti and very importantly it is always better to shop in Delhi’s market and not Patna. He would tell my mom about prevailing situations in the Kuwait, the country got no good markets but only shambles after recent wars in Iraq and surrounding countries!

Once argued upon the cost of cloth, this person would get terribly angry as he is really a professional who would keep tab of cost of different materials and labour costs on his finger tips.

Meanwhile I act phone attendant as phone calls pour in every 10-15 minutes. His phone rings once again and I pray in my heart for the call to end soon. This time it is a nagging customer, whom he bats away quite efficiently, still taking his time and passing about 10 minutes before putting down the call.

Its past 12 and still I have not taken my brunch and to my dismay the sweet-corn in refrigerator is not in edible condition. Anyhow am not feeling that urge to run for food, but what matters is to find some time in peace in the backroom of my house as I switch off all the lights, put the fan on full on this early winter noon and take a passive nap…

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  1. Tailor guy ka nam kya tha? itna suspence bhi acha nahi[:D]
    puri movie me hero ka nam hi nahi[:D][:P]


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