Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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02:46 by the clock on my mobile. I turn off my laptop and take out the latest novel by Chetan Bhagat, my fourth one and the latest bought by me – I have read all of them till now. This red covered paperback has been titled 2 States - the story of my marriage.

Earlier I had a chat with Foo and one more friend of mine. The later one was mixed stuff, I just acted as if I actually believed this guy’s rather ‘true-looking-jokes’. A walk in the colony’s garden at 01:15 made me an object of suspicion and I had to explain to this guard and another night-crawler, why I like to listen to music on HIT 95 FM at this unearthly hour on an early winter night in mid-October.

Anyways, I read first 3 paragraphs under the dim light of reading lamp and soon move to loo with novel, only the second time I have made an effort to read a book in the washroom. Last time it was social sciences book during class X. I used to be determined to score perfect 100s and was on occasions lucky enough to get 99s, reasons being beyond comprehension, sounds embarrassing these days.

The novel seems interesting for it has a feline and quite real feminine character introduced on page 1. One reason I love writings by this guy is that these are real, even if he claims them to be fictional then. Ruskin Bond too catches my fancy, these guys make it appear so easy and fluent and are not fond of those ‘out-of-the-box’ heavy words.

Anyways I keep on reading and drawing analogies between the main male lead and me, do you really need to know the reasons for this behaviour. Am not much like him but there are similarities, though am in a technical field and like it, still given choices I would like to go for more leisurely works like writing or mark-up coding.

It is fun to flip through the pages of the novel in the loo and taking note of some words, to be looked out for meanings in dictionary, on your mobile phone. Of course it is tough to handle all this stuff, but then multi-tasking is all about being efficient and enjoying the stints. As I flush it is difficult to handle the book and maintain its sanity, though a little practice makes you perfect.

Back in my bed, I continue reading under the lamp and wonder how similar hostel traditions are all around the campuses, my buried love for economics; I still regret not having changed my school in class XII to get a bio-economics combo in science stream, and yeah eye-candies are always the part of the gossip, somewhere I feel nobody wishes to be next on the dump-list of the girls and everyone wishes to have a backup list (…do I have one yet?Let it to be to you to guess!). Hey guys suggest me, need I be silent a bit?

03:20 - 2nd last line of chapter 3 and I plan to write up this blog post and start writing as soon as I save message I have composed, containing the ‘difficult’ words. 3 minutes down and am posting this article, still looking for sexy vocabulary and acting critic as well as editor to my own writing. And please do tell me, for I am still doubtful, is it nice to multi-task in loo? Your opinion will not change things as I will continue to respond to SMSs, listen to music and do more such important things from the ‘best place’ in the world.

04:17 – Still no sleep in my eyes, internet forbids to work properly. So, I would continue with my reading. Wish to experience the fun most of my friends get in completing a novel in a day or two, while for me it is a task needed to be done at a rather slow pace…


  1. hey I loved it..matlab it was funny and at the same time I was finding myself reading about "u" after a long time..which I missed in many of your recent posts ..which were all more of advices and heavy words in them...
    cant resist reading this one and yepp i had to comment...
    Good work :)

  2. Thanks yaar for reading! I know I have not been myself on many occassions these times and am taking steps to prevent myself from acting that way now. This period has made me learn a lot and I have pledged to leave pessimism behind, it has sucked me and am just craving for that positivity and flambouyance. Thanks being supportive. :) LOLZ is something still missing, but nobody is going to restore things for me. Only a little struggle will teach me things!


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