Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Another Fantasy…

If it was possible, hardly anything else was needed for a good living. On a bright sunny and windy morning I would have called my dear friend to meet me, simply taking her by surprise, just somehow expecting her not to say no to a proposal of venturing out and spending a noon and evening with me! Once she agreed, it would have been fun to drive to pick her up from a place of her choice, hope its not very near to my place. On meeting her, would definitely greet her with chocolates, a smile, a sure “How are you?”, always miss it and yes finally will ask her to be in driver’s seat as I prefer sitting beside and simply laze. Once again assuming she agrees, I would love to sit in co-pilot seat and act navigator to her on calm and serene boulevards of my only constant love, Delhi. It would be nice to look around and her as melodies play on the stereo. Adding to the flavour we can surely binge upon some ice-creams or go to some low-profile canteens of not so “big-name” institutions and simply sit down at a table and talk just anything, expecting our order to never reach us! Why not take a stroll, along a not so busy street, not missing the car at all :) We could do a lot of things, including shopping, playing with smilies, rating boys and girls, planning eh let it be…

Enough of chemical dose of romantic hormones to brain, time to return to real world, pull up the socks as these illusionistic things are far from real world and not feasible as Shringi sir would definitely mind someone sitting idle in a restaurant and adding to the installation’s electric, land lease costs and other such economic considerations. ;) And yeah forgot cars gulp fuel and never ask mom-dad to fund your spoils!! :P

Rather it can be nice to ask her to join you at works and make money together, so as not feel bad spending the stuff like if it were only another piece of paper. :D


  1. Only Beautiful Galz r allowed in his fantasy[:P]
    becoz looks r important (damroo's opinoin)
    keep it up!

  2. taking me to the land of dreams and suddenly pulling me into this realness full of nightmare...
    well expressed post!!

  3. hahaha yeh wala post ka baat kar raha k special comments :P
    Waise nice fantasy!! I can guess the girl too :P
    And sab settled na..wo what abt discussion?

  4. Another shit from nowhere! Told ya its all bakwaas! Y we lyk it when v fool around fantasizing useless craps! Ofcourse, it definitely will b very nice to lie down on grass under a tree as wind blows and sun plays hide and seek with clouds. But then again this is not for everyone! You need to do your homework and fulfill the tasks thrown to u, then only u can claim those lovely pleasures!!! :P Cut the crap. Hit the gym in the morning and break your back!!! :D


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