Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Truth Or Dare?

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Hmm posting quite emotional and depressing stuff lately. Time to break the routine and post some cool and hip masala, but it is also real stuff, as usual, not a cooked story. Times back to my initial days in hostel 7 of NIT, probably initial 1 or half month. Due to Supreme Court instruction regarding safety and ragging, there used to be regular attendance at 9:30 PM, after which entry and exit from hostel was not allowed. On one regular day after the ceremony was over me and my room-mates casually decided to delve into the game of Truth and Dare. Bottle rotates and turns come one by one revealing some fun and dark secrets from everyone falling into the trap. Those who opted for dare had to act various crazy things. And now the bottle suddenly points at me! Truth or Dare, the quetion resonates in my mind. I opt for dare thinking it will atleast keep some things under cover. Well the crazy demand comes from Mahinder, he asks me to go out of the main gate, not giving option of jumping walls, to the back-gate of th campus - a stroll of about 15 minutes. Move into a liquor shop, buy the stuff and get it back to the hostel room once again walking just below the nose of guard attending to his duty there. Having said it all I had to do the stint, just because I didn't want to cheat or was afraid of being called a coward. The next moment I decide and make headway toward the hostel gate, luckily guard does not notices me and I am able to slip away quite easily. Walking down the way I just expect that I find no familiar face on the way and that my face just doesn't give away anything. The dilemma of doing it or not also helps kill the time in the way. As I reach the shop I look around that no one is looking and hastily enter the shop. I ask the vendor for the brand Mahinder had told and quickly agree to pay anything he demanded, first time I was buying liquor and till date it remains the only time and don't know why just wanted to flee even though I was sure I can handle any situation that comes my way. Having it packed in a black polybag (just another beverage then why black polybag?) I try to hide the stuff in pockets of my pyjama. I wish to walk fast as the backgate closes at 10:30 and earlier I am back is better but the sound that the liquid produces with the glass bottle forces me to slow down. Througout the way I just keep a straight face, having learnt that it is the best way to camouflage the act! Hostel gate is in front and once again I am lucky the guard is 'busy' smoking and gossiping his time with a counterpart. I slip into the hostel through the side gate and reach for my room. Mission accomplished. They all cheer and I am happy with the praise that comes my way. Some kind of bravery award I deserve?

The dare I was given, the truth I have written so it is Truth and Dare now. Adventure and fun is life back here in hostels, specially when you are novice and amateur.


  1. m sure u must hav had few gulps of 'the beverage' on the way...
    Well. gud to hear some excitin adventures frm u instead of those senti ones...

  2. hadd hai saale teri :D kam se kam truth leta toh tere baare mei kuch naya pata chalta :P

    again nicely written..No doubts about that..
    Keep it up ;)


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