Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Longest Birthday

Caution : If you are short of time, don't even think of proceeding to read. You will only miss out on a little fun but surely save your precious time as I intend to make it go a length of whole 5 pages... Make a choice and let me know through a comment (guess you know that there is a comment link at the bottom of the page!).

Well came back from Delhi on March 13 and then onwards there was a buzz about my birthday! Was not much enthrawlled about the day initially, was even thinking of spending the day somewhere in a solitary environment, but friends made me interested in the whole idea of the birthday party. By 18 every one was in party mood and I had learnt that I could not escape even if I wished to so made my mind to stay and enjoy the day and love every moment of it. In evening Avi, Kitty, Abhinav and I went to GT for simple shopping and food. At Spencer's Avi bought me my first birthday present, 2 bottles of breezer and 1 of beer, I had long sought to try the stuff. She wanted to keep one but I didn't let her. Of course I was not going to drink any but wanted to keep the stuff and use it my birthday party due on the next day. Its dinner time I am back in hostel and find friends gathering now only, 1/2 buddy is here with his non-stop talks and demands of NFS games at night. Later I spent next hour and half sitting idle and passing time on listening music and going through photos and gaming. 1/2 buddy, Sossy, Sid and Bhatta join in and ask me to move out and give them a party. We take a little stroll and move to hostel 6 where 3 people called Sagiraju, Prudhviraju and Krishnaraju are sharing there birthday with me! 11:54 pm and my phone rings, its Kitty she remains on the phone for next 6 minutes simply because she wishes to be the first one to wish me, like this crazy attitude. Rini calls to wish, another wish from Guddu at home, Mom Dad sleep by this time. Meanwhile all friends gather and wish me and Prudhvi. Tan calls and wishes me and we are talking about GPL when I get my first ever GPL! I was saved from the ceremony till date :D Don't know I dismissed the call or she or it got done automatically while I get my share of mild bumps from the whole group, someone said Prudhvi hit the hardest so I going by Piyush's advice I had to pay back in same coin. ;) Soon we move to a place called Badi Thadi, my first time once again! Recieve Debz's call in the way, share the whole story yet. The place is a dark shack dishing out indigenous fast foods named like Chaska, 1/2 roll and things. Herds are sitting there gossiping, smoking and in short killing time. I am very soon pissed off, nothing new actually and decide to leave my own birthday party for the sake of cozy comfort of my room. I wonder Neil has not called yet, Abhishek (uncle Sam will kill you for this), Foo's, Shrey's and Piyush's calls are also missing! I ring back to Tan and we talk for about 10 minutes, transferring the responsibilty of planning the party tomorrow. As soon as I enter my room my room-mate is ready with another round of bumps, not satisfied with this he calls others to and so I have 2nd one for the day. Later in room I find Piyush on net, he wishes me and tells that number is not reachable. On Orkut I find numerous posts, some galis from Nilabh asking to give him a miss call. Love your gift (here it is) buddy. I call him and later we talk on Yahoo, by now Nilesh and Abhinav are back. Now we try a bit of NFS and tired I fall asleep soon. What happens till morning is something I don't know, probably Nilesh and Abhinav share the bed! The day is a calm one with me passing time doing some regular stuff, food and letting my imagination leap here and there. Nidhi calls, I ask her if she can come to party I am expecting in the evening but she declines modestly. Recieve calls from Mom, Dad and Bhani wishing me once again. Many more calls from family members are there. By noon I am impateint, no calls from friends! Probably no one is interested in party and ya the RPG thriller is gonna rob me of this day (had heard ki there is a RPG farewell on the same day! Will have to do something in this regard, can't sit back and see! Lolz). Recieve Tan's message, "hey manik.. m really sry.. v rpg ppl wunt b able 2 mek 2 d party 2day.. plz mind mtt kario.. sry" 3 2s and 2 srys in a msg! Now I got no mind to mind anything! Reply casually and we chat a bit. Kitty calls and asks me for a party but I intend to go for one party where all of us are together which seems not possible today. But since it is an off and we have nothing to do (atleast we don't feel like doing anything) we plan and outing to Crystal Palm with Central Park in mind. Me, Kitty, Rini, Abhinav, Himanshu and Senjuti meet at PMC at 5:30 in evening. Reach Crystal Palm and head for McDonald's. Grab a central big table and sit idle for a short time and suddenly I am surprised to find the whole group surrounding me and wishing me something like, "Happy Birthday to you, Many many girlfriends to you..." Love ya all for being such adorable people yaar. Thanks Abhinav, Avi, Divita, Himanshu, Kriti, Nidhi Nilesh, Shaily and Tan for the most surprising birthday bash of my life. The cake is mostly on my face and only a small part is shared among us. The T-Shirt they give me in present is very funny, though I have some modifications in store. I like the greeting card but Div and Nidhi leave early, Nidhi ko dekhne aa rahein the vo log! :'( Ek option minus! Photos are clicked! A small burger and cold-drink party follows. Sameer, Shashi and Bhatta are missing! By 7:30 we leave the place and grab a corner in Saras parlour, here these amazing people come out with and APT assignement and end up writing comments about me! Having talked a lot we move towards our hostels, it is already late for girls. On our way we open the bottles in my bag another first, breezer and beer are good drinks but being mixed together those are not nice, I end up puking it out. In any case breezer tasted like syrups we despised in childhood. Thanks Avi for this gift. But I am not going for the drinks again until there is a very good reason for it. Remaining of the breezer is shared among Senjuti, abhinav and Avi and I have to carry the beer to hostel hiding the open bottle in my bag. On my way I buy pastries for Shashi and Sameer. They share it. At Bhatta's room we decide to move for the dinner as mess is over and many haven't had their dinner. A dinner at local dhabba is mast and stroll back to room via Saras is good. A call from the application I had posted is another gift, they wish to meet me regarding the project. Walking back to hostel we meet 2nd year seniors and coming to know about my birthday they are happy giving 3rd GPL of the day to me and a forced 3rd visit to Saras, intended to celebrate LuvKush "BOSS's" birthday! Enjoy talking with Pranav (Pauni), Sayon, Nikhil Aggarwall (Aggy). Totally shaken to the core just wish to move back to my room at the earliest. Reluctant to think of the exam scheduled at morning 8:30 and submissions due at 11 I end up sleeping at around 2:30 with my laptop screen still shimmering....

Liked the hectic day that followed also but my eyes must have given out the lack of sleep and rest but I seriously loved the 3 days which left me with no time to think of anything but only enjoy every bit of it while managing with the situations falling through, just lived what came to me and planned for nothing!

Must have surely missed a few of you. Pardon me!

Happy post number 50 and happy birthday to me.


  1. Dil ke armaan aansuo mein Beh gaye...
    < Sobs! > :-< :-<

    kya yaar mai he reh gaya yahan :-< :-(
    anyways Happy birthday to you :-< :-(

    chal koi nahi tu ek baar wapas aaja :D :P tera yahan toh gang bang karwa ke rahenge sabse =)) :))
    lol..Just kidding.. :D
    I'm glad you enjoyed your day to the fullest..
    Be like this forever.. :-)

    take care and yeah fuck off :P :D =)) :))

  2. woho...sahi party hai!!
    Yep those surprises are mast!![:D]..
    And remeber my words[:P]..she is better...lolz
    waise gifts were mast..specially the posts!! really cool stuff! achese rakhio...
    aur talli nahi honen ka!..
    though i wanna get talli some day..lolz
    par need really good company for that!!
    belated bday :P
    take care!!
    mast post!
    sharing happy things makes it more happy!!
    And i hope u have got some really good friends! good luck!

  3. and yeah Forgot to write one word which was the eye catching element of my comment and it was only dedicated to you :P :D

    It was Like in the end--> Fuck Off "GAYHOLE" =)) =)) =))

    lol :D Now my comment is complete :P
    and yeah debz toh senti ho rahi hai :D
    waise posts konsi oye :O:O
    meri waali kya 8-> ;;) ;)) :"> lol :D

    anyways take care and yeah **** yourself(for Decent ones) :D and fuck yourself(for........... ummnn got it :P :D )..
    and regarding this theory ask manik for 4th law of motion :D :)) :P =))
    He will explain you every bit of it :D ;))

  4. thanks for the return gift.the post will remain as a chronicle like your birthday.
    mujhe dekhne wale nahi aaye yaar.march fool bana diya :-(.

  5. Abe o Nilabh..i didnt get senti here...okay!!wo toh i was reminding Manik of my suggestion[:P]..lolz...senti hona.. thats ur department totally and i wanna keep it out of me...lolzz


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