Friday, March 06, 2009

Confused Again Or May Be Exhausted, Probably Frustrated...

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Something is definitely wrong when I tend to think too much about what people around me are doing. This does not stops me from doing my work but certainly tenses me a lot on ocassions as I tend to draw comparisons. The problem is intensified as soon as I realise that it was none of my business and start regretting that I even gave thought to such a thing. Of course am not able to hold these things for long and bail myself out easily by consoling myself or by any other means since I am good at playing with words and justifying myself. And as we all know there is nothing right and nothing wrong and its just a state of mind. Still trying to improve. Off late have realised the things that brought a smile to face even on thinking about Jaipur are drifting apart and I am loosing control of them or may be just feeling the same way. May be if people simply what they felt actually and whats on their mind the life would have been a lot much simple and we never had to think about what on others' mind and etc etc. Hope to get them back and shred the loner tendencies of mine I sometime love a lot. Love the thought of lying down in Central Park on a bright windy day with music plugged into my ears with simply no associations with anyone in the real world around, totally free. Wish life is similar fun for everyone and we all get our desires fulfilled without much interference in others' lives. All done and happy after spitting out some real fake crap, masking away from realities...

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  1. confused!
    as per the title at least..
    nice post!
    woho nice thoughts creeping up in ur mind ..[:P]
    Dont think just do it![;)]
    break free!!



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