Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bigmouth Radio

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9:45 pm, dinner is over and I venture out for my night walk! Headphones on, listening to FM on my phone. The evening had passed in chatrooms and in maintaining website. Am in an ecstatic mood by daily standards, and overjoyed at the music being played on the radio. In Delhi I have vast choice of 10 stations suiting all kind of tastes. Starting at 1 I browse through all 10 one by one and again and again as I garner some kind of fetish for the button on the headset wire. Past melodies to Punjabi hip-hop, English hip shakers and some discussions on a "women" radio station, which must be having a larger male audience, about bad state of sports in India all go good with me on this particular day. I choose tu murmurr along the fast music ignoring what the others strolling around would think. during rounds I notice those regular girls in the park, but today there was a "newbie" too. Anyways leaving the diversions as I move along, dancing in a somewhat wacky fashion an old uncle notice me and being overjoyed walk past me at a speed nearly considered to be running. He could not stop himself from grinning at my weird acts while looking straight at my face. I obviously a bit taken aback try to be in control of the things by smiling back generously. Unlike some normal day I take about 8-10 rounds of the park before leaving for the house and feel what the life would have been without radio, which accompanies us almost everywhere due to its poratbility. The media is one old age thing high on my list, simply cause of its reach and innovativeness.

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  1. Soo true!! I cnt imagine life widout radio!! n i lykkd ure post... it wz a shrt n chweet post... n wt wz wid d uncle??!! ;)


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