Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Creative Friend

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A very hip begining of the day. Niyati, a very good Orkut friend of mine showed me her creative work and I promised her to post that on my blog. So here it is. Cheers to my very good friend, who has always been distinct because of her lively and cheerful nature in all this time.

Sometimes i feel so lonely
As if all are gone
Who were sittin next to me closely
I found nothing when I turned around
In search of something I turn round 'n' round
Something has changed
As if i m exchanged
Exchanged with a lonely soul
Who has nothing but tears n all
I miss those days when I was small
When I used to hide myself on mummy's call
Gone are those days when i was happy
Now my loniless follows me to make me unhappy
Many times I tried to friendship the world
But no one responded when I called
Still some hope is left in my heart
To get back all my sweethearts
But when I get my happiness
I am gonna miss you my loniness.

In exception to my blog policy the poem featured on this post is not copyright free. The poem has been used with permission from Niyati, the author of this poem.

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