Friday, January 25, 2008

Pink Panic

Image Courtesy : Gabe Photos on Flickr, check terms before using image.

Last evening my friend came to my home, simple regular rides and strolls. A kick and scooter starts, we perch on it and it move out in lanes around my house. A few metres and he throws a straight question, "what is menstrual cycle?" Firstly am taken aback, nothing but, "what?, who?, why?..." to answer him. He tells asked just because a friend asked him. By now ready to answer the question I start reminding him of class X biology chapters, and all the itsy-bitsy details. Though being a purely scientific topic, it was a bit awkward to talk about; each line ended in a "ummm...", "hmmm..." and such words giving away my awkwardness. Somehow I managed to explain to him and move on and what followed were jokes from his mobile inbox, some laughs and giggles and we ride to our friends house, like zip zap zoom flying dust off the road and feeling ourselves to be kings of streets, remembering scenes from movies like The Fast and The Furious...

...and life moves on as pink panics don't leave us.

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  1. manik, nice yaar..itna to likha..u may make it more cler...n whts ur frnd feel aftr knwing..add it.also..

    i thnk i m more bold bt previously i alwys thought tht big city kids r more bold...

    anywys..u write nice..


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