Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Chemical Romance

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Spending a lot of my time preparing for my exams these days. Schedules are made regularly and stretched too. Chat sessions bring much needed relief and colour to life. I have started to love chemistry chapters for obvious reason that it fetches easy marks. One thing I like very much about chemistry is the colours we come across while playing with different compounds. During night study sessions many a time I remember of times when we took pride in ignoring our teacher's words and thought her to be a freak. But off late I myself am becoming a freak because my chemistry with chemical compounds has started to work and colours are all over my mind creating numerous virtual rainbows and washing away many unwanted past thoughts too.


  1. chemical romance..lolz..sounded good!!washing away unwanted memories is good!!bt dnt wash all of them....:)
    waise relations really resemble chemistry a lot!!...
    really nice thoughts!!!carry on.......

  2. so u conneted ur romance wth chemistry..or science..nice..chemistry alwys wth romance....washing away memories sounds its nt so easy i thnk plz teach me ht tech..i realy need it...

    u r vry good at expressions ur thought in vry nice style..i really need 2 learn ths...

    i m vry bad at syng indirectly....

    so nice just keep it up..

  3. Thanks for checking it out!

    @ Debz my thoughts are just what I learnt from life and I always try to present them in as funny way as possible. That is why I like the "phrase" LOLZ!!!

    @ Vaishali it is just that somethings can take your mind into a totally different world, but not necessary that the same thing works at all times. Many a time rising early, having a morning walk, talking to oneself etc do great wonders in escaping the past.

  4. manik,,different topic chemical romance
    ya chemisstry can do anything yaar,& yes one can compare this with real life too
    still as debu said, one should not forget all past memories, ssome of them like compounds which are unaffected by any reactions


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