Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aliquam tempor tristique turpis. Nunc tincidunt vulputate ligula. Mauris tempus porta magna. Integer et risus ut felis sagittis viverra. Quisque quis lorem. Nam tempus lorem. Donec bibendum, orci vitae tincidunt lacinia, leo massa faucibus eros, quis gravida massa sem id lectus. Proin.

Just got a random thought, what LOREM IPSUM meant? Quite regular to see these words but still never bothered to find its meaning. And when I did, I was astonished to find that this paragraph, which I found quite troublesome when using many popular publishing wizards, was not that vague as it appeared. Having a history of over 500 years and withstood the changes in printing and publishing industry the paragraph is now a standard dummy text for printing and typesetting industry. The text is used simply for the reason that it is very less likely to distract people focussing on text layout because of unreadability. Moreover it has more-or-less equal distribution of characters and so on.

So fellas, everything is not that vague as it appears!!!

Further reading at - Lorem Ipsum

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  1. Actually these days it is used dummy text, but actually was extracted from some old literature (as I learnt from the link given in post). So it may be having some meaning...


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