Thursday, July 05, 2007

Zip Zap Zoom At 90KMPH

Image Courtesy : Shiratski on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

On July 2 me and my friend, Nilabh, went out for our daily night walk at around 9'o clock. He had his scooter on which we drove to nearby street food place. He is a great foodie and eats like a hobby. Then we rode to the park, where we sat on grass overgrowing due to early monsoon rains. Sharing talks about days happening and a few past memories along with some future plans is now almost a routine with us. Looking onto distant stars and venus, our favourite these days, and moon is what we find interesting. Of course there is lot of "Boy Talk" and girls are always hot topic. But cars, bikes and other rides are what we like more, because girls are something we are not totally into which and that we lack "many" good experiences! Anyway for us "Money is what matters more!" and that is how we console each other. Coming back to the night's proceedings, after about 45 minutes we left the place to go for a ride on his LML NV. Soon we were zipping around on the main road because of a bigger promise of fun. On the road we were still looking at the moon, which was looking like a pizza hanging in the sky! He was driving coolly like always but suddenly accelerated hard to reach a speed of 90kmph on that undeclared highway. Still talking and chatting randomly we were zooming past the establishments on the roadside, there past a bunch of trees, a bus stand, some fruit vendors and a gas station. Then started a flyover we wanted to avoid and thereby took the side lane where a biker suddenly veered left from his path alarming us to avoid the collision. Nilabh gave his final try to avert the disaster while we were apprehensive of our chances of avoiding the hit. In a blink we zoomed past the bike and just could not believe what could have happened. All the memories of wrecked vehicles went before eyes like a movie. Suddenly we were more thrilled and excited and a bit fearsome because of the incident. I reminded my friend that only the driver is responsible for pillion's safety and he acknowledged my concerns by maintaining a decent speed of 40 kmph till we reached back to our homes.

The driving experience on Delhi's brightly lit roads is amazing and something for which youngsters like me crave but it becomes a responsibility to ensure safety of self and others as some time enjoying life in limits is more worthy.

Over all the evening proved to be a perfect one but like always as it is with real non-existense of background music, those beats with speed, tones of excitement, metallic sounds of agony etc, played spoil sport.

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  1. Hey U ALl....This Nilabh...The Driver Of The Scooter In The Above Blog.....Well Nuthin Too Much To Say...only One Thing...Drive Safely..As Anything Can happen In Just Few Seconds....So Drive Carefully..As On That Day We Were Just About To Die....But After All That We Were Safe On Earth...Thanx To God......And Offcourse Me Yaar....


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