Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feel Of Power

Image Courtesy : John Kannenberg on Flickr, check usage terms before using image.

This incident dates back to my class III days in junior school. I was appointed monitor of my class and thus had to shoulder responsibility of managing class in absense of any teacher. At that time it was considered hip to be monitor of the class, so I was more than happy for the duty entrusted upon me. I used to hold a wooden scale in my hand and would leave no opportunity of beating it on a desk in the front row. Many a time the noise orf the stick was far more than that caused by my friends and therefore I was left flabbergasted 'what the hell I was doing?' Remembering those days I think how stupid I would have looked stopping children from doing what is there nature! But the next moment it comes to my mind that the whole reason, for which I behaved like that, was the feeling of power which I used to get by proving my control over a huge group of about 40 fellow students...


  1. true man...i also experienced d same wen i ws d prefect.but i hated my job.Instead of asking ppl to maintain descipline, i wanted to join them in their mad activities.After a couple of weeks i dropped my badge to some othr student...

  2. Thanks for the comment Neha,
    the idea of giving up the badge occured to me only in class VI when I was not able to control my counterparts and left it to my friend to bear the whole responsibility and now I can say it truly was a fantastic experience to join the masses and enjoy!


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