Thursday, November 24, 2016

First Jury

A customized version of Jenga, being played in an architecture studio session.

Clad in formals, they come in a variety of sizes. Small, Medium, Large and XL. A particularly tiny one seems perplexed and serious. A gentle smile relaxes the kid and those eyes appear appreciative of the support. Another variety of support is 'Moral'. Which is nothing but presence, an active presence! Over cups of coffee and clatters of portfolios, the knitty-gritties flourish. Like everytime social butterflies, story-tellers, shy chipmunks, rational thinkers, budding rebels, lazy sloths, fresh couples and all formed the pack. Talks, discussions, motivations and a general energetic flow form order of the day. Marking is done, shop is now officially closed. In the afterhours, the extra class begins. The semester ends with general talks and discussions with students livid and enthusiastic... while the sun sets and a cold winter night takes over for some peace. Some new stories have started shaping up, amidst preparations of further routines.

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