Sunday, October 16, 2011


Beautiful Red Cherries
Courtesy: Colin on Flicker | License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 a 4 or 5 something she stands out! A sunflower yellow frock falls down her waist creating a bizarre contrast against her pale and freckled skin. Face glows crowned with black hair that vanish around her slender neck, which seems to jab out of floral shirt concealing her rather lanky figure. He goes on his knees to be level with her, trying to look into her big black eyes. It's enchanting when her pink lips part to utter a frank hello and he cherishes the divine. A strip of glass panels lets sunshine in, wind ferrying the curtains on its wings. He stands up, carrying her in his arms - a peck on her cherry cheeks. Walks across the room to plop on the large couch that's the only piece of furniture in the large room overlooking the large garden that sprawls just a bit short of the infinity. Noon fades into a gloomy red and grey, but electric evening. His eyes transfixed to the Brownian motion that this darling exhibits as he continues to recline in the synthetic satin, (suddenly) to his amazement a pearl rolls down his bony cheek, (at once) to lose its shiny existence to the cushion underneath...


  1. Well, I don't know the meaning of many of the word correctly... but still... You created one ...Beautiful... image in my mind.
    Looks like a poem ... written at awesome time.

  2. filled the void of 365 days with a brilliantly composed prose!!

  3. you have created a wonderful image in my mind....but what is with the fashionable an d sexy story..?

  4. @Krishna thanks yaar! you doing great stuff, continue..

    @Nidhi thanks for reading..

    @Senjuti i try to make it worth reading = fashionable, and good/pleasant = sexy... inspired from real, but part fiction.


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