Monday, December 07, 2009

The Street Party

Just ventured out a bit astray from my regular territory after some time and was confronted with traffic! You can not spare yourself for too long from this thing when in Delhi and have two choices - bear it while sulking it or bear it while not sulking it! This time I chose later!

Then what I did? Simply started staring into eyes of those small and big creatures crowding the streets! They have a language of their own, which mostly appears noisy. Eyes gleam nice and generally come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bodies and skin tones can be heavily masculine or subtly feminine! What generally annoys on Indian turfs, is the rear, craftsmen are not good at producing sexy ones.

In a friend's words Suzuki Swift seems baby hippo! I found new Honda City i-VTEC quite buffalo like looking from front! And you all can easily guess that a Tata Safari is like an emasculated bull while Scorpio and some other SUVs are heavily masculine and appear to push their claim on the road! New Ritz is a hatchback with beaten bum! Old Zen seems to be a damsel and most of us definitely miss it! Since its launch I prefer calling Innova an ant-eater for it feels a tongue would come out of its bumper and lick away every creature from the road! WagonR, Santro and some other hatchbacks look aggressive and very boyish! And if you spot the oldest version of Maruti 800 you definitely love its simplicity and distinct personality! Mitsubishi bred Lancer and Mercedes S-Class seem to be tigresses or panthers waiting for a classy act on the wild streets.

There are other outcasts like Qualis and Taveras, which act asses transporting goods and peoples! Buses are like nannies taking care of hapless masses! And cycles seem to be an endangered species...

A bullet or in some case an occasional BMW would rob all of these of their glory, the husky loud voice throwing the crowd out of the gear or in case of the luxurious an uncanny elegance would hypnotize eyes to admire and dance to its tunes! Making it clear and loud to the general that king of the party has arrived!


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