Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Slang Bang

Image courtesy : jetheriot on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

I chat a lot and I love using slangs! And the best thing is there are no universal slangs so everything works! Plain language is tasteless, so it is like adding spice to the lingo!

Some words that are mast include 'Bidu', 'Machak', 'Item', 'Jhakkas', 'Hakuna Matata' and more . Mixing of tongues, 'Hinglish', 'Punglish', 'Hinch' (I made this Hindi + French) is something that keeps the conversation going! Tongue twisters in Bihari and Punjabi are nice to laugh at. Mockingly adding a double meaning helps in creating that special spark! And once the frankness is lost the talk essentially will loose the purpose, it will then be just another meeting to discuss a deal of work. 'Bhasad', 'Thuss', 'Tadka', 'Masala', 'Spice', 'Chicklet' etc add to language slightly slapdash munches and slippery twists and you will surely tune in with any group, I usually fail or I usually don't want to! Need too much of openness and familiarity to communicate!

I would like to make a special mention of our own Toy Lingo, with its different variants, has a patterned set of words which include - 'Saax', 'Taax', 'Maax', 'Faax' and more such 'aax' stuff. While Jaipur version of it comes with more meaningful and intellectual things like 'Phantom', 'Farzi Phantom' and more.

I like updating such stuff on my Twitter feed, which in itself is a super sexy way of communication with all the short forms and new lexicon like 'Tweeps', 'Tweeple', 'Twooshes', '#tags', '@eds' and likes. 140 character limit make you go for innovation and this adds zing to what might be rather boring conversation! Twitter = SMS of the internet!

What more is - you always love to enjoy your time and the best movies I find in India, all have a regional slangish identity to them, be it Khosla Ka Ghosla, Rang De Basanti, Omkara, Bheja Fry, Dil Dosti Etc and many more...


  1. lol..the bug of writing has taken over u lad!!nice posts...

  2. " Twitter = SMS of the internet! "

    It is not the sms, it is super sms which goes to every one & good thing is that we cant send to single person otherwise delete it.

    First time i fully understand your article + enjoyed + learned one thing.

    Go on target 31..........

  3. sahi hai boss![:D]
    slang bang boom boom dishum [:P]


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