Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Language No Bar

Recently some funny things are happening to me! I feel I am able to understand everything, language doesn't matter! Things started with music German 'Du Hast' banged my head for months. Foo would sometime share with me Marathi folklores and the bong music supplied by Debz is difficult to match. Haryanvi and many more Indian crudes are irresistible. Numerous films in alien tongues followed before I found this Gaelic thing called 'Scaliwag' on my room-mates Philips GoGear and as I come back to home a french maniac would make me listen to -

 A distinct work in French, you would definitely need no lyrics to understand it!

I myself am finding it very much fun to enjoy Punjabi Pop by Aman Hayer, Punjabi MC and likes. Morning radio is very much English and Hindi and my new found interest in Monica Belluci makes me think of learning Italian a bit. And not to mention but a boy called Enrique Iglesias introduced me to Spanish tongue and holds my romantic imaginations till date. Shakira would gravitate her hips to Latin tunes and I am equally pleased to listen to Phillipino.

As I sit before TV, very less occasionally these days a few channels will throw me with exceptionally well crafted media in Japanese, Korean, Cantish, German and more.


  1. "galayt sankhali Sonayachi Hi porgi konachi, hichi aais bhi kali hicha bapus bhi kala hi gori gori posrgi konachi "
    dis 1 is 4 u [:D]

  2. Gale me chain Sone ki(Golden chain)
    ye ladki kiski?
    iski mummy bhi kali iske papa bhi kale ye gori gori chori kiski?[:D]



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