Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Frooti Tetrapack

Image courtesy : Bryn Pinzgauer on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

Hmm! So can you visualize a kiddo with his small flawless neck jabbing out of that white shirt, carefully ironed but yellow with stains of a juicy drink as the guy adjusts his maroon big frame spectacles, pressing his lips wide against the window pane of that yellow-black box that transports him to and from his school.

No juicy stories like the movies. Setting this time is Shiv Ji's statue, Gurgaon, Delhi-Jaipur highway. School picnic stops at the venue as it is a new attraction that has taken shape in the county and is quite popular. Folks make a bee-line for the refreshments they will be getting beside binging upon all the fancy food stuff they have got packed by their mums.

Once everyone is through having glimpses of the tall structure, groups settle at various locations; some taking seat beside the banyan, some check out goodie stalls and few others would settle their bums at some parapet, yet another group of sticky-noses would haunt the teachers...

Later the small groups would catch up at beating one another at their adventure for the day, holing up Firangs to have a chat. This they did to prove that they are good at their 'favourite' language - English, without even thinking that a Firang can be German, French or Spaniard as simply as he is believed to be English. In any case they almost always succeded in their aim of accomplishing distinction of having talked to a jean or skirt clad beauty or in case of girls it would be a tight t-shirt hunk with his 24" biceps crossed in front of chest.

Sooner it would be time to leave the place and bus would jostle a bit as a crushed Frooti Tetrapack would fall behind to tell the tale, "Our group was enjoying here".

Those who have read so far are requested to do a redo and imagine the kid in first paragraph. You will definitely love it when you imagine and visualise it. ;) :) 


  1. how can u imagine these kind of things, i mean chota bacha meine toh visualize krke soacha & its really amazing.

  2. sahi hai ...u r njoying ur coll life ,dats nice!

  3. @ Guddu beta it is all about feeling, when u feel go 4 the intensity, else just don't feel! :D

    @ Foo madam this is abt school days, college is plain! :)


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