Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still Learning!

Day started at 3! A nice draft on autoCAD was fun, loved to plan out my home with some modifications of my choice. Completed design by 9. Joined 10’o clock with my draft and some discussion points in my mind. Sir turned up late and continued with a topic tat was quite interesting. Having woken up early in the morning I felt dizzy in the prolonged lecture, but couldn’t help it as sleeping was no option on second bench. Second half I went all prepared to the class but it turned into a disaster as I had to bear a scold from teachers and later evening walk was rather nice. It was nice walking the talk with Guddu as she scolded me for craps I did, and ya human only. Still learning! :)

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  1. Till end of life..human learn..we too as we are human too :)


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