Monday, March 02, 2009

March Ahead

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March has dawned upon and last week past very quickly. Time is running at a rather rapid pace and life has gained its usual pace. All the ill effects of hectic and unorderly schedules have been cleansed away. The regular organised and lovely class routines are back and quite amazingly most of us like them this way only despite of them demanding us to put in all the efforts in drafting, planning and the things. Once again massive submission festival is ahead and a mass of pending submissions is with us. Still we stand united and look straight into the eyes of this menace saying just about two weeks and we will settle everything, albeit we are planning to run to our houses. The fest season of Jan and Feb was rather a spoiler but it taught a lot of stuff to me and us in general. The learnings are quite personal and at the same time very practical and much rational. Learnt that our insecurities and lack of communication mar the situations most. On most occassions we are our best friends and our worst enemies too. Came to know that we all are very similar thinking alike, acting same and living quite simple lives, and not amazingly we all hesitate in baring our selves to others and delving complete infos thereby making a lot of room for confusions and the fun that follows. The important part is I tend to understand people more, being a part of them and avoiding over indulgence simultaneously. Being a part of crowd is more fun and still having your own identity is a requirement. Ultimately we all stand united and will surely do beautiful and lovely things to make life fun for all.

Love life, flying high, busy times...

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  1. this post force me to think positive but i m I AM so mite take a longer while to b purely positive...nice references


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