Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Careless And Free

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Day was relatively dull and lethargic on Feb 14. Few friends urged me to make foray and have an excursion outside but I deny considerately. Was not in best of moods so didn't want to move out. But in the evening we head for some real nice fun in Chaura Rasta, some underground bizarre tech markets in heart of Jaipur city, quite similar to Palika in Delhi and the lovely avenues of the M.I. Road aka Mirza Ismail Road. The dazzling glow signboards, blurring headlights, several noises and a lot of activity made way for some cool thoughts and lovely thought chain. Rum and raisins flavor ice cream in Jal Mahal parlour was nice.

Feb 15 started as another dull and activity less day, but I was determined to cheer myself and not give in to the dullness that has built up around us for some time. The simple problem being unorganized and irresponsible ways of doing work. Leaving all the care aside I simply phoned Kriti and asked if we could move out in a group and pass some time lazing at some nice place in the city. Quite nicely the plan materialized and we (Abhinav, Shaily, Rini, Kriti and me) made headstart to Central Park. We played songs on my laptop, teased a few couples, talked a lot with short silent spans and such funny things. Kriti left for her house and we 4 came back to our hostel after a short visit to Saras Parlour outside the MNIT gate.

Feb 16 had a quite unusual start as we were there in class after quite a long break. Our presenatation was judged and marked and we had quite a nice dose of fun. Some informations during the lunch break rattled me. As I came back to hostel and we bunked another 4 hour session I tried to make myself aloof of all the things going on in this campus. Some SMSs were exchanged meanwhile but I was unable to control my anger and the frequent thought changes. Evening was passed taking a look at rehersals in central lawn and a walk the talk back to hostel.

Feb 17 simply a super fantastic magical day out of nowhere. Love Siddharth sir and Ashok Pareek sir for giving it a real nice shot. Siddharth sir salute your frankness and those hollywood gyan and ya great college day infos and familiarity you share. Frankly speaking quite on many occassions I was believed to think that nothing but these regular class schedules were something I was missing. A carefree class in the 9-10 session and a mind-blowing 10-12 session by Ashok Pareek sir made my day. Took all the notes on my laptop, got 6.5 of 10 in mid-terms and recieved a mild scold from sir for SMSing while sitting in the first row of the class. The single thought of not being judgemental changed all the perception. I was once again running to hostel for lunch until friends stopped me and we made way out of the campus keeping in mind plan of another 4 hour session bunk, love these 4 hour bunks nowadays, don't care about proxies neither about lectures, submissions or marks. It is simply addictive. We celebrate Rini's birthday in a nearby restaurant with Jai Maharahtra slogans loud, she hails from Mumbai so simple teasers. After the lunch we take auto-rickshaw to Albert Hall, simply because Pareek sir gave its example in morning session and we were suppossed to compare it with Vidhan Sabha, nice reason for bunking the class. The museum at Albert Hall is nice and other than artifacts we get to lay our eyes on some really nice looking beauties while talking with friends' about them. Soon we find ourselves resting in garden outside the place and simply talking on vague topics. A quick walk to nearby mall beside New Gate and we are all set to ride our way back to hostels.

Manik is back again in his form, carefree, aloof and aghast, not even giving things beyond his control a chance and taking time to make the amends. Looking forward to a silent Pune visit I promised to myself, full of show-off, simply aimed at self-satisfaction. Saurabh and Debz meet ya there.

Would like to close this quite long post with a few lines from Linkin Park's Breaking The Habit.

I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I know it's not alright
So I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit

I'll paint it on the walls
'Cause I'm the one at fault
I'll never fight again
And this is how it ends...


  1. saale sanki----
    its nothin mor then jus d psychic fits.......

    u need som meditation........
    oye teri yeh kaya likh diya...

  2. Hmmm.......Nice haan!remeber...a curve that sets all right

  3. All i'll say is dat alls well dat ends well...
    Thank god Manik is back in his senses again, or else I wud hav gone nuts... :-P

  4. yaar maza aa gaya .........

    bade dino baad padha tera blog...

    aur ha tensn mat lia kar bhai hum hai na tere ko enjoy dene k liye yaar!!!!!!!!

    aur ha sidharth sir k baate badi achi lagi re tereko!!!

    well!!!! nice.. yaar

    B-)..... ;-)


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