Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zip Zap Zoom III - The Chase

Image courtesy : Manik on Flickr, check usage terms before using the image.

Well back after a long or pretty dormant period of 5 months! Wish not to sign off again!

Another witty incident. Am back in Delhi during vacations from my institute in Jaipur and Nilabh and I decide to visit a friend's place. Having enjoyed quite a lot, on our way back we plan to gorge on some food at nerby South Indian food shack. We drive back calmly with no destination in particular. Suddenly his eyes spot a chick cruising briskly through the traffic clogged road in opposite direction on her scooty. He decides to chase her and zip past the street smart, giving the strange reason that his bike must be able to run faster given the comparitive specifications of CC, BHP, RPM and all such technical stuff. With no other choice I sit back and enjoy picking up pranks on his adrenaline driven acts. The girl turns out to be quite accustomed to her game and gives us a very hard chase. She seemed to having taken some serious lessons from some Schumaker sort of person in making her way through the dirt filled, uneven and narrow streets. finally after about 10-15 minutes we are able to cruss her, but only when she is marooned in traffic from 3 sides and has no choice buit to wait for others to move.After about 200 metres, we find that girl is no longer in sight and stop to wait for her (probably another chase!). But asn she doesn't turmns up for more than 5 minutes I pursue Neil to ride back, teling him that nothing was gained out of whole thing but only some petrol and money was wasted without reason!



  1. Ha Ha Ha...that girl make u both wisely..fooool..GIRLS R BEST...N BOYS R WASTE..[:d][:d]

    Any ways MANIK ..its a gud 1

  2. A post after a long long time ....
    Hoping u will write more ....

    Girls are getting smarter and smarter day by day ..
    Great ...

  3. Unbelievable ... you guys are impossible!!.. Nothing else i can say!!..

    So next time Nilabh wastes his money and fuel you better save your time..lolz..
    Coz Nilabh ka "SHUDHAROFY" muskil nahi namumkin hai![;)][:P][:d]

  4. rightly said dear chasing girl is a like a game of chess!!hope ur chase end on a nice note;-)

  5. lolz..that day was amazing..she was giving a good competition though she was left behind juz coz of traffic..

    neways gud to see you back her..

    cheerz ..B-)


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