Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hues, Strife and Adulations.

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It has been pouring hard since last Sunday in this desert state. Quite mismatching the popular belief of some dust clad city Jaipur moreover seems to be a colorful bustling town with climate not differentiating it much from the New Delhi. Coping with pretty distractions all around is a difficult job! They are all around in lecture halls, design studious, stage performances, shopping arcades, newspapers, magazines and even on course books. Dressed in all peculiar stuff they add color and zing to life and sometime even are a cause of tease from fellows. In the meantime the real purpose of ensuing some great technical knowledge seems to take back seat. But what keeps us on toes is constant competition from counterparts and reminders from seniors about the struggle that life is. Anyhow as we try to set the stage flaming, the crunch of resources which we had got together at our houses keeps us from making a headstart. Once we are equipped with all the stuff and make inroads into the social structures of our new environs, making and breaking with people; being straight and not giving up on our terms, we hope to fire and rock the world around or shall I say we aspire and promise ourselves to Rock On! And as far as beauty, you know what, is considered as architecture students we are simply taught to appreciate and admire everything beautiful. Well just a little excuse for some fun time-pass stuff! Trying to maintain two posts a month!

Signing off!


  1. well was going through my blog in my so called 'training hrs' n yah tera blog ka update dekha to socha....firse kya likha hoga...!![:P]
    waise this post was really nice;..though i got confused with some of the things u tried to convey..... well too many inputs for my thinking process i guess!!...too many things to say and too less of time n space.. anywaz rock on was the thing i got clear 4m ur post!![:P]....
    well keep admiring beautiful things dear[;)]... live up to the spirit of architecture..lolz.... but be safe[:P] in words of yasir...hehehe

    well 2 posts....... 1 will be enough i guess[:P] for ur readers!!..well kp roking n hope to see a new post soon[:)]

    signing off[:P] tc

  2. I alwys admire ur style of writing....u write too well..wel in words, thoughts..its make people to give a stress on mind..

    I tried a cant..mein likh nahi payi in ur style...

    tym hota tere paas to jaroor kehti sikha de..jab tym tha tab bhi hum busy the...

    bt kisi aur style mein..[;)]


  3. time bhi nikal lengey but thoda kam-kam!

  4. manik hats off mate!!!u r perfectionist at writing!!!fan of the silent observer in u!!!
    best wishes


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