Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Boring Start Of The Weekend

A much reformed day, with a very much normal routine. Weird dreams involving school fellas and teachers as lead characters brought me out of the sleep. For some time I kept on thinking about the recent good news I got through e-mail and then came my DCE role no. I was disappointed for the centre being very close to my home. Anyhow in the wake of early morning dreams I decided to reply to the recent scraps from old mates at school and coaching institute. Large part noon passed listening to the music and keeping an eye on the status of download that had troubled me through the week. Evening began with a stroll with a friend, talks hovering on things like what in and after next 20 days... That's quite usual for us to boggle our brains on such talks. The later part of stroll was marred by phone calls from his friends, none the less we decided to part ways to our houses. In the way kept on thinking about his comments on my looks and so decided to go for a make over. At home an hour went passed in checking out the latest Roadies episode, which was quite boring. Next I visited the hair saloon, an much monotonous hair style and over-grown stubble forced me to go for a clean-up act and here I was in here again after 7 months or only twice in last 13 months. This time I decided to go virtually bald and regretted it a little later on, but as to everything I managed to find a positive side with this new leaner look also. At home little criticism came to acknowledge my latest visit to the saloon , as if I had only came back from some pilgrimage. The IPL match provided some entertainment on this boring Saturday evening and the chemistry book did the trick by landing me in sleep, to wake up later only at 02:15. And here I am posting the remains of the day...

Signing off, hope tomorrow is better than today!

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