Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cross Connection

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Last night while chatting my friend, Nilabh, shared with me his SMS chat, with his mobile girlfriend. In the chat while his words were quite cautiously crafted, the girl emerged boldly to take lead. She was not hesitant in talking about smooches and public display of affection and thereby Nilabh was taken off-guard. She seemed to be the girl who everyone would desire. Their chat showed how well they could communicate, understand and solve each other's problems and insecurities. It was difficult for me to believe that a mobile prank, of sending a random message to a common friend's acquittance, will result in such serious commitment. Even unbelievable is that they haven't met in real till date. Even though I am still doubtful about it but still happy for him as after a long spate of about 5 "serious" crushes he is in for some stability in life.

Dedicated to my dear friend - Nilabh, of frog-dance fame, a hip-hop fan, a foodie and little-bit roadie too... ...its enough now lets come back to reality, actually a psycho senti, emotional guy.

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  1. nice on nilabh's story
    i m vry happy for NILABH n u knw ths is true...
    apni story match karti hai kuch kuch...
    tu khush to mein khush...
    nobody is perfect..n realtionshp ko perfect banana padta best wishes for u..NILABH are good writer
    keep it work so hard on ur blogsite n tht wishes 2 u also..


  2. I am friend of both these psychos and
    I don't believe they can be that much serious ,especially about Nilabh . Nilabh ,best of luck from me . Waise to mainu pata hai tune ki karna hai
    tene to do din baad dil pakad kar rona hai aur mere saath ghanta ghar par jalebi ya burger ghayega . Yaar waise main wish karta hoon ki aisa na ho BEST OF LUCK.
    For Manik
    You are in the path of being a witer but not a engineer.Idiot PAD LIYA KAR.

  3. @Nilabh
    Good going!!!
    Make a record of 100 crushes....(Just joking)
    Enjoy your 6th crush(May be 7th till now)
    Keep going
    This keeps me inform of my Delhi's friends

  4. Neil A.K.A NS...Nilabh....Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:20:00 am

    ohk den now again m committed 2 her....actually d main reason behind her no answer was dat she was feeling insecure juz coz of her past,ma past n our future...but sumhow...... yiiiippppiiieeeee....congo...

    n thank ya all guys 4 always being dere 4 me...


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